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This is how the postcards look like
Disclaimer: Everyone's results vary and are not typical. Just like with any business, it requires hard work, skillset and dedication. Someone's results can be more exceptional than others. Therefore this is not a "get-rich-quick" opportunity. Instead it is a legitimate way to create an extra income from the comfort of your home. This program is not connected to or endorsed by Facebook (Meta) or any other organization. The program with its postcard service and contact addresses only works in the United States of America.
Let me show you how to leverage a $50 one-time payment into unlimited commissions from $25 to $3,500 over and over again
Two easy ways to leverage this simple system and join today:

Option 1 – Join online: simply CLICK HERE to signup instantly by providing your details, adding my ID# 2249 and paying the $50 startup fee with Credit/Debit Card or PayPal.

Option 2 – Join by mail: just CLICK HERE to print the order form with my ID# 2249 and mail it to J.D. Marketing with your $50 startup fee in Cash or Money Order.

Whatever way, you will receive your starter kit with your initial 200 postcards, your 200 fresh leads and the complete marketing materials.

That's all – looking forward to seeing you smashing this business!
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Watch this video to learn how it works
It is so easy - no experience needed!
This is a simple 2-phase program created by J.D. Marketing. The cost of joining Phase 1 is just a $50 one-off fee.

You will receive 200 postcards and 200 names of prospects on peel and stick labels to mail your postcards to. You will also get a Phase 2 upgrade form, another postcard order form and your Personal ID#.

You will earn $25 for each new member that you personally enroll into this program using your personal ID# taken from your postcard or this website. The more people join, the more potential customers you get!

❌  No cold calling or emails to send
❌  No explaining or selling to anyone
❌  No monthly product purchase
❌  No internet or computer required
✅  Just mail our postcards and the system works for you!
How to earn passive or residual income
When you are ready to make bigger money, upgrade to Phase 2 of our program to earn massive future commissions. If you are not part of Phase 2 yet, your sponsor will gain the commissions from your joining members. So don't miss out!

This is how Phase 2 works: Sign up on the highest level you can afford to collect as much money as you can. Your commission for each member you bring into phase 2 of the business depends on your level and your new member’s level.

Spill-over Bonus: You get paid up to the level you are signed up for. Any money above that goes to your sponsor, up to their level. This is called spill-over.

Upgrade Bonus: If one of your personal downline members upgrades to a higher level, you will receive $200 per level. You can upgrade any time by sending the difference between your current level and the level you are upgrading to.

Example: You join Level 4. That means you make $70 for every new member on Level 1 and $1050 from those who join Level 4. If they enter higher, then your sponsor receives the difference as spill-over. See more examples in the video above and on the postcards.

There is no requirement to run online marketing. Just send the postcards with your ID# and let the system work for you. Beyond that it is passive or residual income!

Get started today and upgrade to Phase 2 as soon you can!

Add Online Marketing to Earn Even More!
Order your own personalized website like this one to sell this system online as well!
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  • Pay only $40 with coupon code CJUAREZ using this payment link
  • Add your name, ID#, email, Facebook/Instagram and photo to this Google form
  • Receive your landing page within 24-48 hours